Do You Really Need to Hire an Online Marketing Agency?

Are you seriously thinking about hiring an online marketing agency? There is no denying the fact that online marketing should be an integral part of your business strategy. But do you really need to hire a specialized expert for that? Is it wise to invest your marketing resources by partnering with a professional online advertising company?To answer these questions, it is best to closely scrutinize the specific benefits that your business can get from an Internet marketing company.Agencies Know the Current Marketing TrendsThe Internet is continuously evolving and changing. Online promotion and advertising techniques that worked a few years back are probably useless today. With the explosion of different social media channels and the radical changes that happened in the search industry, a lot of companies are at a loss on how to properly implement new methods to market their businesses.With the help of an agency that has a solid grasp of the latest online trends, your business can easily take advantage of new marketing methods to get ahead of the competition. Online advertising experts are well aware of the current changes in the search market. They can also help develop your company’s social media strategy to enhance your brand’s online exposure.Hiring an Online Marketing Agency Is Cost EffectivePromoting your business online has become more expensive these days. This is particularly true if you will develop an in-house marketing team. You will probably need to hire two additional staff for web development, an SEO expert, an online copywriter, and a full-time social media consultant.For small business owners and online start-ups, maintaining a large staff could be counterproductive. To overcome this challenge, the best available option is to hire a professional agency that can handle your company’s overall Internet marketing strategy. The cost of hiring an agency would be cheaper. This will improve your company’s bottom line.You Can Focus On Your BusinessOnline promotion is complicated, time consuming, and requires extensive attention. If you do the marketing aspect in-house or you try the DIY approach, the most critical processes of your business may suffer. Once you lose your focus on the core aspect of the business, then your company’s profitability will suffer terribly.To avoid such fatal mistake, you need to delegate your marketing campaigns to a reputable agency that specialize on Internet advertising and promotions. Hiring an online marketing agency helps rationalize your business process. It makes your company more efficient and you can focus more on what you do best.Hiring an Online Marketing Agency Boosts ProfitsGone were the days when online marketing methods were so simple and straightforward. Today, you need to develop a comprehensive approach to get results. If you stick with self-help techniques, you will not be able to fully realize the profit potential of your company.The great majority of modern businesses have experienced a surge in profits after implementing the correct online advertising strategies. These companies improved their lead generation campaigns and increased their profits by several folds. Your business can also enjoy these benefits with the help of a dedicated online marketing agency.

Ireland Spring Break – Ireland is Emerging As a Top Spring Break Destination For College Students

What do you think of when you think of Ireland? Guinness? Green scenery? Irish music? Traditional pubs? Castles? Make Ireland your Spring Break destination, and you’ll find all these and much, much, more!

For much too long, Spring Break has consisted of nothing more than a beach resort and a lot of alcohol. But all that is changing now, as travel becomes cheaper and more and more college students decide that they want to actually see something of the world and different cultures, rather than just prop up the bar at the same resort every single day of their vacation. Trips abroad for Spring Break are becoming much more popular – and Ireland is emerging as the Spring Break destination of choice.

So what does the Emerald Isle have to offer for Spring Break? Well, it certainly doesn’t have the beach resort weather of the traditional tropical destinations, of course! But it does offer a unique and exciting opportunity to explore a small and fascinating country with a long history and lots of traditions. By visiting Ireland, you won’t be sacrificing the nightlife and partying of the beach resorts by any means. One night spent bar-hopping in Dublin’s crazy Temple Bar district will reassure you that the Irish sure know how to party! The larger towns and cities of Ireland have no shortage of modern nightclubs, classy wine bars, packed dance floors, and music venues, all filled with energetic crowds of local and international students. Not only that, but you can also easily find the sort of sleepy Irish pub you’ll probably imagine when you think of traditional Ireland – the kind where a few old men sit at the dimly-lit bar nursing a pint of Guinness, with a faithful old dog at their feet. Ireland’s pub culture is very much alive and an essential part of daily life, whether it’s the non-stop party atmosphere in university parts of Dublin and Galway, or the quiet meeting place of local villagers at the end of a hard day’s work in rural Ireland.

The best way to get around Spring Break Ireland is to hire a car and visit a good mixture of modern cities and more traditional old villages, to get a real feel for the blend of old and modern that makes up the Irish culture. Irish cities are filled with famous landmarks and buildings such as Trinity College and Dublin Castle, while the coastline and the countryside contain some of the most spectacular natural beauty spots anywhere in the world – wild, untamed, green, and breathtaking. Explore at your own pace, and plan your own trip, taking in as many different aspects of Ireland as you can fit in, for a Spring Break that couldn’t be more different from sitting around in a beach resort all day every day!

Why a Good Bartender Has the Skills to Be a Good Real Estate Agent

Some people do begin their real estate careers right after high school or college, but most come to real estate after doing something else. Some have retired, and other are just looking for a change of pace.

When writing agent bios I always look at those past careers to see how they can tie in to real estate sales. Often past experiences can reinforce the skills that the agent wants to emphasize.

Some past careers make for a tougher transition than others. For instance, school teachers have to teach themselves listening skills after years of being the one doing the talking. On the other hand, a good school teacher has the skills to educate buyers and sellers about the reality of today’s market.

That’s one skill that a bartender might not have, but I think good bartenders possess the majority of skills needed for a successful career in real estate.

My definition of a good bartender is one who has a following – a person who is a “draw” for the establishment where they work. They can mix a good drink, but it’s their people skills that turn occasional customers into “regulars.”

So what skills do bartenders possess that would make them be good real estate agents?

A good bartender knows how to listen. Just think of the time they spend listening to their customers. And while they may not have to listen wholeheartedly to everyone, they need to pay close attention to their regulars. Just as good real estate agents need to pay close attention to their buyers and sellers.

And then they’d better have a good memory. Not only does he (or she, of course!) need to remember what each person at the bar wants when they hold up a finger for another drink, he needs to remember what to set down in front of a regular when they walk in. And then, he needs to remember what that person does for a living, the names of their children, etc. Agents need to remember the personal information along with their clients’ wants and needs.

A good bartender respects what the customer wants – he doesn’t try to suggest that something else might do. As an agent, he probably won’t show someone a home on a busy street if they’ve specified wanting to live on a quiet cul-de-sac.

A good bartender can talk to people from all walks of life and treat them equally. He must be non-judgmental and friendly, in all but the most extreme cases. And when faced with those extreme cases he has to think and act quickly without getting flustered. Good practice for dealing with the surprises buyers and sellers sometimes spring on an agent.

A good bartender knows how to keep confidential information. Good bartenders can’t be gossips. Can you imagine how fast they’d lose their following if they started mentioning that Mr. Smith came in for a drink with Miss Jones, or if they mentioned that a salesperson from X company was involved in a long conversation with the owner of Z company? In real estate, keeping client information confidential is a must.

A good bartender has to have people-management skills. He needs to be able to say “You’ve had enough” without turning a customer into an enemy. That takes a bit of finesse! This skill could translate well into the finesse that’s needed when clients ask an agent to do things that go against regulations.

So – if you’re a bartender and thinking of a change, consider real estate. You have the skills!