Ireland Spring Break – Ireland is Emerging As a Top Spring Break Destination For College Students

What do you think of when you think of Ireland? Guinness? Green scenery? Irish music? Traditional pubs? Castles? Make Ireland your Spring Break destination, and you’ll find all these and much, much, more!

For much too long, Spring Break has consisted of nothing more than a beach resort and a lot of alcohol. But all that is changing now, as travel becomes cheaper and more and more college students decide that they want to actually see something of the world and different cultures, rather than just prop up the bar at the same resort every single day of their vacation. Trips abroad for Spring Break are becoming much more popular – and Ireland is emerging as the Spring Break destination of choice.

So what does the Emerald Isle have to offer for Spring Break? Well, it certainly doesn’t have the beach resort weather of the traditional tropical destinations, of course! But it does offer a unique and exciting opportunity to explore a small and fascinating country with a long history and lots of traditions. By visiting Ireland, you won’t be sacrificing the nightlife and partying of the beach resorts by any means. One night spent bar-hopping in Dublin’s crazy Temple Bar district will reassure you that the Irish sure know how to party! The larger towns and cities of Ireland have no shortage of modern nightclubs, classy wine bars, packed dance floors, and music venues, all filled with energetic crowds of local and international students. Not only that, but you can also easily find the sort of sleepy Irish pub you’ll probably imagine when you think of traditional Ireland – the kind where a few old men sit at the dimly-lit bar nursing a pint of Guinness, with a faithful old dog at their feet. Ireland’s pub culture is very much alive and an essential part of daily life, whether it’s the non-stop party atmosphere in university parts of Dublin and Galway, or the quiet meeting place of local villagers at the end of a hard day’s work in rural Ireland.

The best way to get around Spring Break Ireland is to hire a car and visit a good mixture of modern cities and more traditional old villages, to get a real feel for the blend of old and modern that makes up the Irish culture. Irish cities are filled with famous landmarks and buildings such as Trinity College and Dublin Castle, while the coastline and the countryside contain some of the most spectacular natural beauty spots anywhere in the world – wild, untamed, green, and breathtaking. Explore at your own pace, and plan your own trip, taking in as many different aspects of Ireland as you can fit in, for a Spring Break that couldn’t be more different from sitting around in a beach resort all day every day!